• 10:19 am
  • Tuesday
  • March 31, 2020
  • Sen. Chuck Schumer conspirator or useful idiot?
    Rachell Maddow should be asking did Sen. Chuck Schumer know the CIA and FBI were working to undermine the President with a bogus Russian collusion story when he said they would retaliate against the president for his criticism of their work.
  • Junk Journalist Philip Rucker of The Washington Post lies by omission on Comey book
    The Washington Post Junk Journalist Philip Rucker is proving that what you don't say is more important than what you do say in his report on former FBI Director James "crybaby" Comey. Comey apparently described himself near tears after President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. Rucker writes "The nation’s intelligence chiefs had just finished briefing Donald Trump on … Read more
  • Jake Tapper tells the world he and CNN do not care about truth.
    Jake Tapper of CNN cannot mean what he said about hearing the truth on his show. During a heated debate with Trump administration representative, Stephen Miller, Miller was demanding that he just be given three minutes to tell the "truth" about the President. Tapper wanted to discuss the many allegations in the book Fire and … Read more

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