Who is Vindman today? A soldier who refused to follow civilian leadership

Reporter: Too many to list
Date: 10/31/19
Publication: AT&T's CNN, Amazon's Washington Post, Viacom's CBS, Comcast's NBC and MSNBC; Disney's ABC and the Ochs family's The New York Times and a host of others

“Patriot” Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman describes in his opening statement a mutiny against elected civilian leadership

Reuters’ headline used to support impeachment when story does not!

Date: 10/29/19

So for Junk Journalists at Reuters even when the Democrat Party’s narrative is not supported by a witness, the headline is written as if it was supported.

Biden Uses Junk Journalism Vaccine When Calling For Trump Impeachment

Date: 09/26/19

When presidential candidate Joe Biden addressed the newest allegation against Trump promoted by Junk Journalist and their partners, the Democrat Party, he illustrated clearly the value of a corrupt media.

Junk Journalist Not Reporting Truth About Transcript

Date: 09/25/19

Trump whistle blower coverage likely effort to confuse viewers when criminal referrals are made involving Dems and deep state operatives related to the Russian collusion coup attempt.

Sen. Chuck Schumer conspirator or useful idiot?

Date: 05/07/19
Publication: MSNBC

Rachell Maddow should be asking did Sen. Chuck Schumer know the CIA and FBI were working to undermine the President with a bogus Russian collusion story when he said they would retaliate against the president for his criticism of their work.

CNN in May 2018 Tons of Proof of Collusion

Reporter: Chris Cuomo
Date: 04/11/19
Publication: CNN

In May, 2018 President Trump announced his Campaign was spied on by the FBI: Junk Journalists laughed at him instead of investigating the claim

Date: 04/11/19
Publication: Take your pick WPO, NYT, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, Fox News (not commentary)

Junk Journalists argue that deaths by illegal immigrants cannot be prevented while at the same time arguing new gun laws will prevent deaths

Reporter: Gale Holland and Richard Winton
Date: 02/25/19
Publication: Los Angeles Times

Junk Journalists never ask gun control advocates why they tolerate killings by people illegally in the country minimizing it as saying all immigrants in the country are not bad while they assume all gun owners are irresponsible and bad and guns need to b e controlled for all because of the actions of a few. […]

ABC Junk Journalists omit fact that Scooter Libby was not convicted of leaking name of CIA agent but of process crimes

Reporter: Jonathan Karl, Katherine Faulders and John Santucci
Date: 04/13/18
Publication: ABC News

ABC Junk Journalists omit key historical facts in their report about President Trump planning to pardon Scooter Libby, the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, leaving the impression that he was responsible for a leak of CIA agent Valerie Plame’s name early in The Bush Administration. This story is propaganda hoping to enrage Trump opponents by […]

Junk Journalist Philip Rucker of The Washington Post lies by omission on Comey book

Reporter: Philip Rucker, The Washington Post, White House Bureau Chief
Date: 04/12/18
Publication: The Washington Post

The Washington Post Junk Journalist Philip Rucker is proving that what you don’t say is more important than what you do say in his report on former FBI Director James “crybaby” Comey. Comey apparently described himself near tears after President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. Rucker writes “The nation’s intelligence chiefs had just finished briefing Donald Trump on […]

The Washington Post Practices Junk Journalism on Christopher Wray “cross hairs” Story

Reporter: Matt Zapotosky
Date: 02/01/18
Publication: The Washington Post

  In addition. Zapotosky makes several claims that are simply fake news or unproven. The biggest being “Trump already fired James B. Comey after the FBI would not give him a hard vow of loyalty, and he has toyed with ousting Attorney General Jeff Sessions despite Session’s vigorous implementation of the president’s agenda.” The Washington […]

Jake Tapper tells the world he and CNN do not care about truth.

Reporter: Jake Tapper
Date: 01/09/18
Publication: CNN

Jake Tapper of CNN cannot mean what he said about hearing the truth on his show. During a heated debate with Trump administration representative, Stephen Miller, Miller was demanding that he just be given three minutes to tell the “truth” about the President. Tapper wanted to discuss the many allegations in the book Fire and […]

IRS Demands Fee For Information Regarding Illegal Immigrant Tax Payments

Date: 05/16/09

Date: Updated Saturday May 16, 2009 Publication: President Obama’s memorandum calling for federal agencies to make information easily obtainable by the public and in fact release information relevant to public debates before requested, does not apply to the IRS, according to one of its disclosure specialists. When asked to reverse a decision to charge […]