Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

sticky_1One Of The Team – Do these two look afraid the world is going to end? That America as we know it is going to end. These two don’t look afraid the world is going to end. Junk Journalist Williams and the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid enjoy a good laugh at the expense of U.S. citizens.

They are laughing at a time of crisis. Imagine a family uses its entire credit limit and simply declares they are increasing the credit limit each time they exceed the previous limit. Would that family ever get out of debt? If this family made $10,000 a year and this family changed its plans to spend $15,000 next year to $12,000, it still went into debt $2,000. It did not save $3,000. In the world of Junk Journalist Williams, the family could declare they saved $3,000. Junk Journalist Williams and the media want us to believe cuts to proposed increases actually save money. It’s a common joke that journalists are extremely poor in math and science, and the network Junk Journalist prove it every night. If there are three dollars of cuts for every dollar of debt limit increase, why does the debt limit have to be increased at all?


 The “Your Teams The Problem” – Junk Journalist Williams spends his entire interview with Speaker John Boehner working to get the Speaker to criticize his own team. It’s amazing that people who have been in politics for years fall for this Junk Journalism trick. Boehner and other Republicans fall for it all of the time. Many conservatives believe they will get better coverage if they admit to some form of the Junk Journalists allegations or assertions.  Most of the time these dupes become a useful idiot for Junk Journalist.

 No Question About “Dead On Arrival” – Williams talks to Speaker John Boehner about the Tea Party members who do not support him but never asks about Senator Harry Reid’s statement that Boehner’s plan is “dead on arrival.” How is that compromising? Later in the week, the new Junk Journalist Luke Russert tells the audience the debate is about how one defines compromise. He explains the most conservative Republicans believe they are compromising by allowing a debt increase at all. However, he never explains just what compromise Democrats are making to get a deal. If Brian Williams were a journalist, he would extensively question Reid on why the Senate did not vote on the House Cut, Cap and Balance Bill. Junk Journalists have let Democrats slide on the their actions throughout the debate.

sticky_4  [HTML2] Rich Folks, Rich Folks –  Practicing the essence of Junk Journalism, Williams takes questions from the President directly to Senator Mitch McConnell. “Why shouldn’t rich folks pay more?” Being a loyal team member, Williams asks Republicans Democrat questions and when he interviews Democrats he talks about why Republicans are not agreeing with Democrats. Williams is a propagandist. A journalist knows that those people making more than $250,000 a year are paying the majority of taxes. A journalist knows that the people making between $200,000 to less than a $1,000,000 are carrying the entire country contributing more in taxes to the federal government than any two groups above or below them. A journalist would not let Democrats name Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and other super rich in their speeches because a journalist knows the true target, based on the numbers, are the people making more than $250,000 and less than a $1,000,000. These are the people that have two wage-based incomes that put them in the higher tax bracket and subject to the tax increase. Buffet, Gates and other super rich that say they want higher taxes and that they are ready to pay more earn most of their income off of investments. Investment income is not subject to the proposed tax increase. Like his super rich friends, Obama took every deduction available to him. If he and his wealthy friends want to pay more, let them write a check. While nobody forces a taxpayer to take a deduction, these guys want to force people to pay more in taxes.

Compromise = Democrat Plan –  Junk Journalists like Brian Williams and Kelly O’Donnell require Republicans to compromise by adopting President Obama’s demands- continue spending, increase the debt and make budget deficits permanent.  They rarely report that when the debt exceeds the country’s capacity to finance the exploding debt, the credit agencies investors will not see the U.S. as a good credit risk.  They all but ignore the fact that credit rating agencies are already warning of this day.  If the country does not get its debt under control, the credit rating is going to be lowered no matter how high Congress raises the debt ceiling.

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