Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

About JJChronicles.Com is a liberal website identifying Junk Journalists working against freedom. At, a “liberal” advocates for individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise. advocates for journalism that starts with a fundamental disbelief of corporation leaders, government leaders and politicians who benefit from limiting or controlling the freedom of the individual.

Sponsor’s of Junk Journalism – Enemies of Freedom

Large companies and the wealthy pay for U.S. Junk Journalism reporting. For example, Jeff Bezo’s uses his Amazon profits to fund the Washington Post, and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim funds the New York Times

CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC are all funded by companies with profitable core businesses. The corporate leaders of the parent companies, AT&T, ViacomCBS, Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, endorse Junk Journalism that shields corruption. In addition, the boards are willing to pay settlements to people hurt by the Junk Journalism they finance.

Junk Journalism claims to be the people’s champion. However, it delivers news protecting and promoting leaders who restrict freedom for power.

In effect, the corporation customers are financing the assault on their own freedom. Through their news operations, the companies finance and promote multiculturalism – a new form of segregation and racism.

How they do it

These companies pay Junk Journalists to lie to their audiences daily.

Junk Journalism uses the human desire for acceptance as a weapon of the power to further the political agenda of its masters. To ensure conformity, Junk Journalism seeks to vilify and humiliate those who question the actions or pronouncements of the leaders they support.

By definition, a journalist sits in judgment of others while most have never taken a business, political, or leadership risk.  They report facts based on “consensus” instead of the scientific method. They are junk journalists reporting on junk science.

When Junk Journalists destroy a life or business, the purveyor of lies cheers or dismiss their guilt without a second thought saying “I was just doing my job, and the public had the right to know.” Honest reporters protect freedom and identify corrupt leaders. Reporters must question ALL leaders as they impose control over the people, spend the peoples’ money, and take benefits for themselves. No matter the party or the subject. All politicians, bureaucrats, corporation leaders must be questioned and disbelieved as is President Trump.