About JJChronicles.Com is a progressive website with the goal of identifying journalists who work to plunge humanity into totalitarianism.

They are supporters and mouthpieces of authoritarians and the administrative state.

They lack creativity, logical thought, and curiosity.

They do not believe in freedom, the individual or society of people bound together by beliefs. They are racist in deed and thought, but often hide their true feelings. They are masters of deception. These journalists are Junk Journalists who lie daily – usually by omission.

They devote themselves to an ideology advancing their limited view of the world.

These Journalists are enemies of freedom who use groupthink and the desire of people to belong as weapons to undermine the very fabric of a progressive society.

A journalist by definition sits in comfortable judgment of others while most have never taken a business, political or leadership risk.

They have not run for office but dispense advice believing watching, and reporting is the same as doing.

They have not created a job but know how it should be done.

They have never made a scientific discovery but believe themselves, expert scientists, concluding matters that even scientists disagree. They report facts based on “consensus” instead of the scientific method. They are junk journalists reporting on junk science.

They can be destroyers of lives and happily move on saying, “I was just doing my job, and the public had the right to know.”