• 11:19 pm
  • Sunday
  • September 26, 2021
  • For Eight Years We Heard “It’s Not My Fault – President Bush Did It” Now in 2018 We Hear “I Did It”
    President Obama always blames the state of the economy on President Bush.  How long before he accepts that the increase in unemployment and the increase in the national debt is the direct result of his policies?  He brags about how much he has done in six months but then argues when the news is bad that his policies had no effect.   Only Junk Journalists in the media let him do this continually.
  • It’s all in a Word: “Conservative” A Label To Run From
    It’s Time to Rename the Movement and Fight for Votes Each day, the true progressives in this country, working families and individuals who believe in a small government that unleashes the individual’s power, call themselves conservatives. They call radio shows hosted by Limbaugh, Hannity, and Levin lamenting why the Republican leadership does not embrace their “conservative” thinking and now based on polls, the American people, especially the young.These hosts use “conservative” to describe their limited government philosophy, greater individual freedom, and responsibility. They wish to empower the individual. They want the government to stop limiting the peoples’ “pursuit of […]
  • Do As I Say, Not As I Do
    Our leaders tell us how we should travel, what health insurance we can have, and will, under the Green New Deal, tell us how to eat, where to live, and whether we get healthcare. Just remember this as nothing will change. This is the elitist’s attitude. https://youtu.be/ZaRdtJ-HA5Q

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