For Eight Years We Heard “It’s Not My Fault – President Bush Did It” Now in 2018 We Hear “I Did It”

President Obama always blames the state of the economy on President Bush.  How long before he accepts that the increase in unemployment and the increase in the national debt is the direct result of his …

Herding new dem voters

Rubio’s Gift To the Democrat Party

Sen. Marco Rubio says his immigration bill is better than the current situation except that anyone who reads the bill finds it recreates the current situation in about five years. Instead of referring to his …

Target America 72

Obama’s Foreign Policy – Target America


It’s all in a Word: “Conservative” A Label To Run From

It’s all in a Word: “Conservative” A Label To Run From
By Aristides Fotinopoulos
It’s Time to Rename the Movement and Fight for Votes from Everywhere
Each day the true progressives in this country, working …

Do AS I Say Not As I Do

Our leaders tell us how we should travel, what health insurance we can have, and will, under the Green New Deal, tell us how to eat, where to live, and whether we get healthcare. Just …