About JJChronicles.Com


JJChronicles.com’s goal is to discover and identify journalists who have mastered the tricks of the trade. These journalists have, therefore, become junk journalists practicing Junk Journalism.

They devote themselves to an ideology advancing their limited view of the world. A journalist by definition sits in comfortable judgement of others while most have never taken a business, political or leadership risk.

They have not run for office but dispense advice believing watching and reporting is the same as doing.

They have not created a job but know how it should be done.

They have never made a scientific discovery but believe themselves expert scientists drawing conclusions on matters that even scientists disagree. They report facts based on “consensus” instead of the scientific method. They are junk journalists reporting on junk science.

They can be destroyers of lives and happily move on saying, “I was just doing my job and the public had the right to know.”

There are still excellent journalists, but the industry is working to drive them out. JJChronicles will highlight stories that are Just Journalism and not propaganda.

In the future, JJChronicles will conduct investigations into government waste, political incompetence and failures of leadership. Both political parties own these failures. The facts do not change with the name of the reporter who delivers them. JJChronicles is not out to make news but cover it.

The Editor is an award winning reporter with more than 10-years experience working for regional and metropolitan daily newspapers.