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Junk Journalists Don’t Identify Cop Killer As Illegally In The Country

Reporter: Various
Date: 01/19/11
Publication: The San Diego Union-Tribune

Blinding Misinformation – Reporters for The San Diego Union-Tribune in two separate stories describe  Jose Pedro Lopez Jasso as a citizen of Mexico but don’t clearly state Jasso’s legal status at the time of the …

Junk Journalists Tom Brokaw Andrea Mitchell and Meredith Vieira Practice Junk Journalism On Palin Story

Reporter: Andrea Mitchell; Tom Brokaw; Meredith Vieira
Date: 01/14/11
Publication: Today Show


Brokaw – Pep Rally Not President’s Fault – Junk Journalist and Obama defender Tom Brokaw states the middle will bring back “civility” to the country.  Brokaw doesn’t acknowledge much of the nastiness in the …

Michael Falcone and Amy Walter ABC News Junk Journalists

Reporter: Michael Falcone and Amy Walter
Date: 01/13/11
Publication: ABC News

Journalistic Amnesia Falcone and Walter practice Junk Journalist using a classic Junk Journalism technique, forgetting history.  Usually Junk Journalists forget the truth of history ignoring facts from one, five or ten years and beyond, …

Junk Journalist Neela Banerjee Joins The Climate Change Faithful To Fight Skeptics – Junk Journalists Side With Junk Science

Reporter: Neela Banerjee
Date: 11/09/10
Publication: The Los Angeles Times

The Language Of Faith – Banerjee and the Junk Journalism of the Los Angeles Times uses the word “skeptic” for those who question carbon dioxide, a natural element, as a pollutant.  The use of …

NBC First Read Report On Tea Party Winning Ratio – Junk Journalism

Reporter: Alexandra Moe
Date: 11/04/10
Publication: First Read NBC

Worthless Analysis – Junk Journalist Alexandra Moe performs an analysis of the winning ratio for Tea Party candidates admitting it was hard to identify them accurately. There is nothing useful provided to the reader as …

Housing Market Headed For Double Dip In Jobless Recovery

Date: 03/31/11

Housing numbers released Tuesday indicate that the housing market is moving closer to a double-dip decline in prices.

While major news organization reported the dismal numbers, they did not report what was the key

Nanny Who Helped End Meg Whitman’s Candidacy Under Investigation

Date: 01/31/11
Publication: JJChronicles.com

Meg Whitman’s former nanny who weeks before the California election for governor accused the candidate of being a bad employer and knowing she was an  illegal alien  is under investigation by the California Department of …

President Obama Attends Pep Rally In Arizona

Date: 01/13/11

The memorial Wednesday night for the dead and injured of the Saturday shooting in Arizona sounded and appeared more like a political pep rally than a memorial.  At times, the standing ovations and cheers for …

Audit Finds IRS Improperly Examining Returns Of Some Taxpayers

Reporters: JJChronicles.com
Date: 12/29/10
Publication: JJChronicles.com

IRS employees looking to catch tax cheats and their clients may be violating the rights of taxpayers, according to an audit of IRS procedures released Tuesday.

The audit looked at the IRS’s attempts to catch …

Meg Whitman Exploiter or Paying For Not Helping What Could Be An Amateur Extorter

Reporters: JJChronicles
Date: 09/30/10
Publication: JJChronicles.com

Attorney Gloria Allred claimed Wednesday that gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman exploited her client, a former Whitman employee of nine years who was in the country illegally, but Allred’s statement taken together with her client’s, could …

June 2010 Unemployment Rates By State On Presidential Election Map

Reporters: JJChronicles
Date: 09/10/10
Publication: JJChronicles.com

Unemployment Rates On Presidential Election Map

Reporters: Editor
Date: 07/03/10
Publication: JJChronicles.Com

Financial Times Reports Just Journalism On Greed Of Public Employee Unions

Reporters: Francesco Guerrera and Nicole Bullock
Date: 01/05/10
Publication: Financial Times

State and local officials  throughout the country made promises to their employees that are breaking their own budgets and leaving them just a few options, raise taxes, cut services, or get a federal bailout.

This …

Sucking CA-USA dry

Public Employee Unions Owed 2 Billion States Don’t Have

SEIU and other public employee unions prove each day that true greed exists in the public sector where employees get early retirements, fat pensions, avoid layoffs, thousands in over-time payments and still demand bigger pensions …

Obama's Pet (The Press Corp - ATTACK)

Lapdog Journalist Become Attack Dogs For Obama

1-Obama's Pet (The Press Corp)

Lapdog Journalists


Obama Teaching Our Children Well

President Obama is threatening the incomes of the country’s seniors but says nothing about the large, overpaid federal workforce.  Unions saddled local, state and the federal government with unsustainable pension plans and unresponsive bloated workforces.  …