Reporter / Junk Journalist: Max Greenwood

Publication: The Hill

Max Greenwood misleads The Hill’s readers when he reports, “90 percent of the state’s intensive care unit beds are filled. Hospitalizations are now up 145 percent from Florida’s previous peak in July 2020, according to the group…” Even though Junk Journalist Greenwood quotes the Florida Hospital Association, the association’s quote lacks context.

By omission, Junk Journalist Greenwood builds a narrative against Florida’s Covid response.

For Greenwood using percentages works to scare The Hill’s readers. Greenwood doesn’t report the typical hospital occupancy rate for comparison purposes. Just how much over normal is the current hospital occupancy in Florida? By reading Greenwood’s story, readers have no idea. It turns out that for some hospitals, the current occupancy rate may be no higher or just a little higher than normal. According to many sources, occupancy rates of 80% or above are necessary for profitability and the best use of resources for most large hospitals.

These omissions in Greenwood’s “DeSantis confronts growing resistance over COVID-19 handling” expose The Hill’s goal to damage Florida Gov. Ron Desantis’s. The Hill and other Democrat Party-approved media hate Desantis and his effort to give Floridians choices on protecting themselves and their families from Covid-19. The Hill‘s joins other media corporations aiming to damage Desantis. Junk Journalism published or broadcast by major media companies ATT’s CNN, ViacomCBS’s CBS News, Disney’s ABC News, Comcast’s MSNBC, and NBC News aims to damage the governor and bring the Democrat Party to power in Florida.

When trying to mislead the public, not reporting information is very powerful. Greenwood doesn’t mention hospital occupancy rates vary in a 24-hour period or that hospitals need high occupancy rates to be profitable. For larger hospitals, occupancy rates of 80% or higher are typical. Too low an occupancy and hospitals lose money. Therefore, The Hill and Greenwood lie to the readers, so The Hill’s readers conclude Florida hospitals are nearing capacity.

During the peek of the lockdowns last year, hospitals fired or furloughed workers because state and local governments limited their occupancy to a point where they could not pay their staff. In fact, The American Hospital Association reported hospitals lost billions in revenue as a result of government actions to limit occupancy. (See report below)

Greenwood and other junk journalists who support government policies that limit choice for parents, business owners, and the general public are working overtime to make sure the public is misinformed. Junk Journalists never ask Center for Disease Control officials, state health officials, or administration officials a simple question. Shouldn’t each person, business owner, or parent make the decision n what amount of risk they want to take?

Eventually, the public is going to realize that Covid is never going away. That the health officials and Junk Journalism are promoting a myth that it will be “defeated, and it will not be like the seasonal flu. When the public realizes this, the most concerned will try to stay at home; others will decide to wear a mask, two masks, or get vaccinated. In the meantime, Junk Journalism hates giving people the freedom to choose how they live.


What is the ideal hospital occupancy rate?

CDC hospital occupancy rates 1975-2015 by type of ownership and size of the hospital.


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