Private Baseball Game For Dr. Anthony Fauci
Junk Journalist Give Anthony Fauci Platform To Hurt Trump Before Election – Apply for Job With Biden

Junk Journalism Organization: The Washington Post

Junk Journalists/Fake News Experts: Josh Dawsey and Yasmeen Abutaleb

Monday 11/02/2020 update: Presidential candidate Joe Biden promises to hire Dr. Anthony Fauci this morning. Fauci’s calculation or coordination with the campaign via The Washington Post appears to have saved his job in the event of a Biden win. Fauci is actively promoting national mandates on behavior to combat COVID-19 without randomized studies that support his positions.

Fauci’s calculus proves successful

With the 2020 election days away, Dr. Anthony Fauci gives a “wide-ranging” interview to The Washington Posts’ Josh Dawsey and Yasmeen Abutaleb. The two Junk Journalists/Fake News writers, paid by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, provide Fauci the chance to redeem himself with Democrat candidate Joe Biden. A friend of and consumer of Junk Journalism/Fake News, Fauci, is sure to believe Biden will win.

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The Junk Journalism/Fake News Washington Post headline reads,”‘A whole lot of hurt’: Fauci warns of covid-19 surge, offers blunt assessment of Trump’s response”. The Post missed the real headline. “Disgruntled Dr. Fauci complains about lack of access to President and new advisor Scott Atlas – fears for his job.”

Fauci, a recent proponent of mask-wearing, and national lockdowns, is out of favor with President Donald Trump. The doctor, a favorite of the anti-science media, must be fearing for his job. Media financed by ViacomCBS, Comcast, ATT (CNN), The Walt Disney Company (ABC), The Washington Post, and The New York Times Company. The lifelong bureaucrat is on the record telling the world he and Trump did everything right, responding to the pandemic. A few months ago, the doctor told Mark Levin on Fox News that the response was “impressive.” In that interview, though, Fauci talks more about his efforts than the president’s. He talks about the hours he puts in working on the pandemic. The time he is at the White House.

Unfortunately for Fauci, Biden gambled his entire campaign on convincing voters Trump botched the response to COVID-19. The Junk Journalism/Fake News experts ignore CDC data showing death rates down from the April peak. They also refuse to acknowledge that increasing numbers of positive tests result from a massive testing program.

Unanswered Questions

Also, Junk Journalist/Fake News writers never ask Fauci if his policies caused the peaks and valleys of infection the world is experiencing. Without a widely administered vaccine, a peak of infection must follow the ending of a lockdown. Despite the lockdowns, Fauci cannot stop the virus from infecting people as soon as they begin to socialize.

Fauci demonstrates little regard for the suffering he is causing by promoting lockdowns. He appears to continue to see the lockdowns as simply an inconvenience. He never discusses the cruel isolation of the elderly who are losing hope and dying. Like Fauci, people with nothing to lose, members of the media and government promote lockdowns. In Fauci’s case, they are people who get to enjoy a private Major League Baseball game without all those nasty citizens to bother him

All the stories about COVID-19 written in the Washington Post and by Bezos’ reporters should contain the following disclaimer:

The Washington Post is owned by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. The Post’s parent company benefits from COVID-19 lockdown policies and has increased profits significantly as its competitors were forced to shut down and as citizens forced to shelter at home were required to increase the use of Amazon’s services.”

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