Trump punished Iran for attacking U.S. soldiers. Obama/Biden freed Iranian killers of U.S. soldiers.

Reporters working for ViacomCBS (CBS), ATT (CNN), Comcast (NBC), The Walt Disney Company (ABC), Fox Corporation (Fox News), The Gannet Company loved The Atlantic’s Magazine’s anonymously sourced story by Jeffrey Goldberg claiming President Donald Trump holds injured soldiers and those killed in action in such low regard protecting his hair from rain was more important than honoring the World War II dead. So when reporters talk to Trump’s presidential opponent Vice-President Joe Biden about the claim, they never ask Biden why he failed to protect U.S. soldiers and stop Iran’s successful proxy war against U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden takes a gift from his Junk Journalist promoters.

Yesterday, during the vice-presidential debate, Sen. Kamala Harris repeated the discredited story and claimed Biden would never allow a country that was killing U.S. soldiers or sanctioning through proxies their killing to go unchallenged. Harris cited unsubstantiated claims that Russia had placed a bounty on U.S. troops. She complained that Trump did nothing about the alleged threat to soldiers. “Joe Biden would never do that,” she claimed. “Joe Biden would hold Russia to account for any threat to our nation’s security or to our troops who are sacrificing their lives for the sake of our democracy and our safety.

These so-called journalists asked Biden about Trump’s alleged comments only and now allow Biden and Harris to go unchallenged when they treat the discredited allegations against Trump as fact.

These corporations pay reporters, including first debate moderator Fox News’ Mike Wallace and second debate moderator Gannett’s Susan Page, to function as Biden opposition researchers, promoters, and protectors rather than journalists. So much so, Biden, Harris, and democrats routinely use information and the narratives promoted by these corporations on the campaign. These same companies assure their reporters bury or never report news that would hurt Biden and their favored Democrats. Corporate media fails to discuss how Biden failed to protect U.S. soldiers from Iran.

After the first debate, Wallace claimed he and his staff spent hundreds of hours preparing, yet he had no questions for Biden regarding the candidates actual failure to punish those who kill U.S. soldiers. Page also must have prepared. These corporate-financed news operations and their staff can’t be this incompetent. The problem is Wallace’s and Page’s research appears to consist of reading accusations from Democrats.

Senator Harris adopts Junk Journalism talking points on President Trump’s view of U.S. soldiers.

At one time, Biden, Democrats, and so-called journalists prefaced the reaction to Trump’s alleged comments with the phrase “if it is true.” Even though numerous on the record Trump officials denied the claims in the anonymously sourced story, Biden and the media, including Wallace, now treat the story as fact. These nearly universal behaviors by the nation’s largest media conglomerates demonstrate a coordinated effort by reporters and their parent companies work for Democrats.

If Wallace and these media companies wanted to be fair, Biden could make his charge. Wallace and other journalists should then ask Biden to compare his actions as part of the Obama administration vs. Trump’s actions to punish those that kill or sponsor the killing of U.S. soldiers. Biden says he will “have the backs” of U.S. soldiers. So-called journalists ignore Biden’s failure to do so over his eight years as vice president. The history is clear. Obama and Biden ignored Iran’s successful effort to help Iranian proxies kill more than 500 soldiers in Iraq. Instead, these corporate-run news operations and their reporters appeared to coordinate the assault against Trump while hiding Biden’s failure to protect U.S. soldiers.

These journalists don’t report Trump is the only president to take action against the Iranian leader who commanded the forces that killed hundreds of U.S. soldiers, Qassam Soleimani. Soleimani’s Iranian Quds Force or Qods Force allegedly planned the 2007 killing of five U.S. soldiers assigned to the Provincial Joint Coordination Center in Karbala, Iraq. The attackers, believed to be Iranian proxies, wore U.S. Army-style uniforms, carried U.S. style weapons when they were allowed onto the based, and attacked a meeting killing one soldier and wounded three others. The attackers kidnapped four of the soldiers and executed them outside of the compound. Killed were Army Capt. Brian Freeman, 31; 1st Lt. Jacob Fritz, 25; Spc. Johnathan B.Chism, 22; Pfc Shawn P. Falter, 25; Pvt Johnathan M. Millican, 20. Because of the attack’s sophistication, the alleged confessions of the suspects in the attack, U.S. officials believe Soleimani’s forces were responsible for it.

The Trump administration also attempted to kill Abdul Reza Shahlai, another Iranian tied to the Quds Force. According to the New York Times, Trump targeted Shahlai because he was thought to be planning attacks against four U.S. embassies. Interestingly, Democrats and their media protectors criticized the Trump administration’s actions, claiming the men were not immediate threats. Apparently the hundreds of dead are not meaningful. The Times story by Junk Journalists Eric Schmitt, Edward Wong, and Julian E. Barnes does not mention the long history and number of U.S. soldiers killed as a result of actions taken by Soleimani and Shahlai or the role they played in having the Karbala soldiers killed.

President Trump orders missle attack on leader of Iranian Quds Force responsible for killing U.S. soldiers

Instead, corporate-paid media members worked to confirm the claims in The Atlantic Magazine story. Jennifer Griffin of Fox News reported she contacted two former administration officials, and they confirmed The Atlantic Magazine story. Washington Post reporters Colby Itkowitz, Alex Horton, and Carol D. Leonig also claimed to have confirmed the story.

However, numerous named sources deny that Trump ever disparaged the fallen soldiers and those who serve. The media ignores Trump’s denials and those who back him. The media ignores named witnesses who say the report is a lie. At least one former official who says it never happened is John Bolton – no fan of Trump. Junk Journalists ignore the numerous on-the-record statements by former and current administration members who deny The Atlantic Magazine’s claims.

As they did in the Russia Gate story, these Democrat operatives never ask, “does this story make sense?” Do the alleged actions from the anonymous sources fit the actual actions of Trump. One example of why the Russian/Trump narrative spun by these reporters never made sense is the simple questions, “why Putin would want more U.S. taxpayer dollars spent on the U.S. military?” In the case of Trump’s comment, these uncurious reporters don’t ask, “why would Trump take action against Iran and its leaders if he has such little regard for the members of the U.S. military?” Why would Trump take the political risk for a bunch of “suckers?”

2007 Iranian Quds/Qods Force Operation Killing 5 U.S. Soldiers. Actions Take By Three Presidential Administrations:

SuspectsRoleBush AdministrationObama / Biden AdministratioTrump Administration
Qassam SoleimaniIranian Quds/Qods Force leaderNo ActionNo ActionKilled By missile Attack
Abdul Reza ShahlaiIranian Quds/Qods Force leaderNo ActionNo ActionMissile Attack Misses Target
Ali  Mussa DaqdugSuspected ParticipantArrested in U.S. CustodyTransferred To Iranian Custody and ReleasedNo known actions
Qais al- KhazaliSuspected ParticipantArrested in U.S. CustodyTransferred To Iranian Custody and ReleasedSanctioned
Laith al-KhazaliSuspected ParticipantArrested in U.S. CustodyTransferred To Iranian Custody and ReleasedSanctioned
IranFunding attacks on U.S. soldiersNo direct ActionBegins Secret Talks On Nuclear WeaponsWithdraws From Nuclear Weapons Deal / Reimposes Sanctions
Actions taken by three different administrations to punish Iran for killing U.S. soldiers in Iraq

When Trump used his Twitter account to question Griffin’s reporting quality, Fox News anchor Brett Breir defended her. Since Goldberg’s sources were anonymous, it’s impossible to confirm the story using more anonymous sources. When the sources and the confirming sources are anonymous, reporters may be hearing from the same small group. Lazy reporters live in an echo chamber of leftist and Democrat talking points misleading the U.S. voters.

So how can the people evaluate who will be better at protecting U.S. soldiers and making those countries and those people who kill them pay for their deeds? The people need to look at the actions of their leaders and not the words of anonymous sources.

Look at the actions of the different administrations over the nearly 20-year-long war. President George W. Bush, Obama, and Biden ignored well-known intelligence that identified Iran’s efforts to kill U.S. soldiers. In a 2009 article, The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point outlines these efforts in 2009 and describes the proxy fighters Iran financed and controlled to mount deadly attacks on U.S. soldiers.

Iran’s Qods or Quds Force

“Iran’s support to Special Groups (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Qods or Quds Force) appears to be largely focused on anti-U.S. resistance operations as opposed to other types of sectarian and factional violence. The most visible symbol of Iran’s support is the 20-30 rocket attacks launched against U.S. bases each month in Iraq, almost all of which involve entire rocket/mortar systems or components (such as fuel packs) identified as Iranian-produced by U.S. weapons intelligence specialists,” the article states. Interestingly, Sen. Harris told American that Trump caused a rocket attack that injured U.S. soldiers in Iraq when the President ordered the killing of an Iranian leader. Either Harris intentionally misled America with the help of corporate media or does not know the history of the Iraq war and Iran’s efforts.

The failure to punish those responsible for the Karbala attack started with Bush. In negotiations with Iraq’s new government, Bush, according to the Obama/Biden administration, promised the Iraqis custody of Hezbollah Iranian Special Groups operative Ali Mussa Daqdug and the others captured and suspected of the killings. However, it was the Obama/Biden administration relinquished custody of the suspects. It was widely reported that U.S. officials believed Daqdug and fellow suspect Qais al-Khazali admitted their and Iran’s involvement in the operation.

Then, given the opportunity to hold Iran responsible during negotiations to stop the terror regime from building nuclear weapons, the Obama Administration ignored Iran’s murder of Americans. Instead, Obama cut a deal that delivered Iran’s terrorist leadership 1.7 billion dollars in cash for a promise not to develop nuclear weapons over the next 10 years.

In effect, Obama financed the continued killing of American soldiers. Even before the agreement, Obama and Biden took actions or continued Bush policies making it easier for Iran to operate more freely in Iraq. Among those actions, requiring illegal combatants to be read Miranda rights when captured on the battlefield. The administration extended U.S. Constitutional protections to non-citizens working to kill U.S. citizens. (See Documents Obtained via Freedom of Information Act request)

Iran used Obama’s payoff to fund terrorism and kill U.S. soldiers in Iraq. What did Trump do when he took office? He canceled the flawed agreement and killed the Iranian forces’ leader thought to be responsible for organizing the attacks on U.S. soldiers. Biden promises to reinstate the Iranian agreement and condemns Trump’s attitude toward Iran. He criticizes Trump’s order to kill the Iranian general responsible for the killings.

But a key player in the Obama administration could not have forgotten Freeman and the four other soldiers. Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry negotiated the arms agreement with Iran, had personally met Freeman, and had compared Freeman to himself after the captain was murdered.

Iran’s alleged role in kidnapping and killing U.S. soldiers in Iraq

In 2006 just before Christmas, when Kerry was serving as Democrat senator, he traveled to Iraq with fellow Democrat senator Christoper Dodd. The two senators met Freeman on the tarmac at a Baghdad airport. After Freeman’s death, they recounted their meeting to Washington Post reporters Jonathan Weisman and Ann Scott Tyson in a January 2007 article. The reporters wrote Freeman’s death “… radicalized Dodd, energized Kerry and girded the ever-more confrontational stance of Democrats in the Senate. Freeman’s death has reverberated on the Senate floor, in committee deliberations and on television talk shows.”

Freeman’s story offered a perfect opportunity for Democrats opposed to the war and looking for ways to criticize Bush’s poorly run war effort. Dodd told the reporters “This was the kind of person you don’t forget.” A high achiever, Freeman illustrated the cost of the protracted war. He was a West Point graduate, former Olympian who served his country and had started his civilian life only to be dragged from his new life, including young children, back into the military.

The Army reactivated Freeman and sent him to Iraq because of a workforce shortage. The Pentagon under Bush did not reactivate the captain to command tanks in the field of battle. Instead, it sent him to help build an Iraqi government filled with hostile players.

Freeman told Kerry and Dodd, he had no training in the job he was being asked to perform. “Senator, it’s nuts over here. Soldiers are being asked to do work we’re not trained to do. I’m doing work that the State Department people are far more prepared to do in fostering democracy, but they’re not allowed to come off the bases because it’s too dangerous here. It doesn’t make any sense,”

“Senator, it’s nuts over here. Soldiers are being asked to do work we’re not trained to do. I’m doing work that the State Department people are far more prepared to do in fostering democracy, but they’re not allowed to come off the bases because it’s too dangerous here. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Quote from Sen. Sam Dodd and Sen. John Kerry recounting what U.S. Army Capt. Brian Freeman told the senators about Iraq before the captain was murdered by Iranian backed militia.

Early in the Obama/Biden administration, a deal was cut to move the suspected killers from U.S. custody to Iraqi custody. The Obama/Biden administration wanted out of Iraq. When Republican senators raised concerns about the transfer fearing the killers would never be held responsible. Obama/Biden’s press secretary, Jay Carney, assured the senators and families the administration wanted justice to be done. “Well, that we take this matter extremely seriously, which is why we have worked on it at all levels, including the highest levels, and why we are continuing to work on it in accordance with both U.S. and Iraqi law, and why we sought and received the assurances that we have received. We take it very seriously. We understand those concerns, and we’ll continue to have these discussions and work this issue.”

Obama/Biden release suspected killers

However, Freeman and his fellow soldiers were soon forgotten by the Obama/Biden Administration first in the effort to get out of Iraq and then for the larger goal of cutting a deal with the Iranian regime to stop building nuclear weapons.

Sen. Kerry, who became Secretary of State for the Obama/Biden administration, held a perfect position to force Iran to take responsibility for Freeman’s execution and hundreds of other soldiers’ deaths. It appears Kerry, who continues to meet with the Iranians to subvert Trump Administration efforts, never mentioned the Karbala killings or any killings of U.S. soldiers.

Upon learning of Daqdug’s pending release in 2011, Freeman’s wife told Foxnews, “I briefly read it and couldn’t read on. I couldn’t go there,” she said. “It wasn’t like he was dying again. It was more shock that these people get away with what they do. There’s no justice. It’s amazing and shocking to me that someone who did what he did could go free.”

So what happened to the suspect killers after the Obama and Biden administration made it possible for them to be freed? CNS News reports Daqdug is in Syria commanding a terror cell operating on the Israeli border. The Wall Street Journal featured Qais al-Khazali describing al-Khazali as an “Iran-allied outlaw to inspiring statesman.” Laith al-Khazali is reportedly in hiding.

Even after President Obama and Vice President Biden made the deal with Iran, the regime leaders continued to brag about the number of U.S. soldiers it had killed.

Iranian Brig. Gen. Ismail Ghaani, deputy commander, now commander of Iran’s notorious Quds Force, was quoted to say, “Americans have suffered more losses from us then we have suffered losses from them,” according to The Washington Times. The article referred to an article by Amad Majidyar, director of the Iran Observed Project at the Middle East Institute on October 7, 2020.

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