U.S. weekly mortality from COVID-19, flu, all causes

COVID-19 Mortality Chart Vs. Influenza Vs. All Deaths

Chart sources: Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering and the CDC. Updated 5/05/2020

Total deaths in the United States reached new levels in April for the year. The total deaths exceeded reached more than 65,000 higher than 59,000 recorded during one week in January. But the number of deaths with COVID-10 was still lower than the 67,000 recorded in January 2018 when the economy was not shut down to protect the population. Recently, the media reported the earliest deaths in California occurred in the first week of February. “Two corona virus-infected people died in Santa Clara County on Feb. 6 and Feb. 17, the medical examiner revealed…making them first documented COVID-19 fatalities in the United States, the LA Times reported. If Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx, and President Donald J. Trump should explain why the total deaths in the U.S. continued to decline throughout February despite the virus already spreading in California. If the first death occurred, in early February, the victim had to be infected in early January. They should also explain why 30 million people were made unemployed on the recommendation of medical people when no such action was taken in late 2017 and early 2018.

The major media companies financed by AT&T (CNN), Viacom (CBS), The Walt Disney Corporation (ABC), and Comcast Corp (NBC) continue to hide the historical weekly death rates from all causes in the United States. CDC data shows that in the week ending April 11 (the 16th week of 2020) a total of65,520 deaths were reported. That number is more than deaths reported in 2018 and 2019 during the same week but approximately 10,000 deaths. However, it is lower than the most deadly week in a three year period which occurred in January 2018 when 67,495 people died from all causes. Journalists also fail to report that in the first week of January 2020 total U.S. deaths reached nearly 60,000 people. The Junk Journalists at the President’s daily briefing spend much of the two hours asking about testing and accusing the administration of not acting fast enough.

In addition, the same media outlets refuse to report the number of deaths from flu and pneumonia each week in the U.S. They use the word “deadly” pandemic and demand citizens listen to authorities give up their jobs, lose their freedom and stay away from family members. Blindly believing what the government tells them is not journalism. Now they are reporting that the first deaths in California occurred in February. The only conclusion from this announcement is the virus was in the country in early February or earlier. Yet, deaths as recorded by the CDC continue to decline.

2020 is not the most deadly year for Americans

Questions that should be asked are as follows: 1. Did the CDC and Dr. Fauci overestimate the threat? 2. When the CDC botched the testing rollout at the beginning of the outbreak, what were the actual errors, and what department was responsible? 3. Has anyone been held accountable? 4. Did the initial models predicting 2,000,000 dead assume social distancing or no changes to behavior by the American people? 5. Why have the models been so wrong and should we be following them? 6. Why are modelers now claiming their models are more accurate than actual testing? 7. What is the evidence that the lock down works? 8. Without herd immunity or a vaccine, won’t the total number of the dead be the same over time as the lockdown is eased and people get infected and die?

Providing context to Americans is the role of journalism.  Junk Journalism hides the total number of deaths to further political goals. The Washington Post tells us that “Democracy dies in darkness.” Yet, their Junk Journalists work to hide real numbers. They fail to ask fundamental questions of officials regarding the transmission of the disease after the public is allowed to resume life activities like work, school, play, and church. The isolation model cannot be sustained.

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