Junk Journalist Not Reporting Truth About Transcript

Date: 09/25/19

Effort to protect and inoculate Biden and Democrats

After the release of the phone conversation memo between the UkrainianPresident and U.S. President Donald Trump, junk journalists and their masters in the Democrat Party immediately set out claiming it proved Trump pressured Ukraine to “find dirt” on his opponent.

However the transcript does not show pressure but a conversation about corruption in both countries and commitments by both presidents to “drain the swamp.”

Trump does ask for a “favor” but it appears to be in the context of the Russian collusion hoax and determining if Ukrainian government officials were helping Obama Administration officials and the Hillary Clinton campaign to manufacture evidence against him in 2016. Trump specifically mentions Crowdstrike, the firm that allegedly reviewed the Democratic National Committee’s Server and claimed it was hacked by Russians. The FBI has never been able to study the server or complete its own analysis.

Even so, Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III on the first page of his report states as a fact the Russian hacked the server of the Democrat National Committee and participated in the release of those emails to the public. Mueller’s conclusion that the Hack was a fact is based on an analysis of the server by a private firm Crowdstrike.

Junk journalists at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post and the host of other outlets that routinely cover for the Democrats appear to know there is bad news coming for the Democrats in relation to on-going investigations by the Justice Department. The latest Democrat/media coordinated story appears to be aimed at accomplishing several things: 1. provide the House Democrats with a reason to continue impeachment conversations; 2. Inoculate Joe Biden from corruption accusations by Trump or possibly damage Biden so severely it clears the path for another candidate; 3. Provide cover for Democrats and the media if coup attempt co-conspirators are indicted by the Justice Department. The media will be able to claim the indictments are political. They will say, “if the president was willing to extort Ukraine for information, of course, he is forcing the Justice Department to embark on a political prosecution.


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