The Washington Examiner today is reporting that fired FBI agent Peter Strzok thought the CIA was leaking false information to damage President Trump in late 2016 and early 2017. Sen. Chuck Schumer seems to know of the FBI’s and CIA’s efforts to unwind an election? In response to Junk Journalists Rachell Maddow’s questioning regarding Trump’s criticism of the intelligence community, Schumer says those agencies have “six ways from Sunday to get back at you” How did he know they would retaliate? He says he knows that they are very upset. How did he know that information? The president’s instincts appear correct, so where is Junk Journalist Rachel Maddow calling Schumer back on her show to explain these comments? Maddow and her fellow conspirators or fellow Russian tools allege that Trump’s joke calling for the Russians to find Hillary’s emails was a public order to his Russian friends, but don’t see Schumer’s comments as knowledge of the scheme to unwind the election. Schumer claims without the intelligence community, the Russian efforts to undermine public confidence would not have been discovered. However, that is a lie based on the Mueller report. The Russian troll farm was detailed in a New York Times Magazine story well before the election and the CIA, FBI and Obama Justice Department did nothing about it.

By Editor