Merry Christmas – Obama’s Gift To America and Democrats

President’s gift to his most strident supporters keeps on giving.

Junk Journalists agree to redact manifesto leave out allegations against others / influences

Update: 4/24/13 City agress to pay 4.2 million to two women who survived cops uncontrollable trigger fingers. No news on discipline for officers though as Junk Journalists don’t ask the question.  Junk Journalists agree to redact names from what the media says is the manifesto of ex Los Angeles Police Officer turned alleged killer Christopher Dorner protecting […]

Administration Violates National Environmental Policy Act In Immigration Move

The Obama administration’s decision Thursday to change deportation policies for nearly one millions illegal immigrant children without an environmental assessment appears to violate the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The act, approved under Republican President Richard Nixon, requires federal departments assess the environmental impact of their proposed policy changes. Despite repeated attempts to get […]

1996 to 2003 Illegal Immigration Use Of Individual Taxpayer ID Number

Despite efforts starting in 1996 by the Federal Government to make it easier for illegal workers to file and pay income taxes, only a small percentage of the estimated 12 to 30 million illegal workers file income tax returns and the majority that do are not paying taxes but receiving refunds, according to tax return information provided by the Internal Revenue Service.